The Land

Paganism and Polytheism, even though it has its cultural connections, is rooted in one’s relationship with the land around them and the people.  Growing up in the Upper Midwest of the United States, much of my time was spent camping in the woodlands in upper Wisconsin, skiing in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and spending time with the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River.  This page is about these places and the people who live there, the research I have done in relation to the area, local folklore, and stories that I write that are inspired by the region.

Note: Being a Gaulish Polytheist, I will associate many of the articles I do here in relation to Gaulish Polytheism, but given the diverse nature of the folklore and paganism in the Midwest, none of the work in this section will be exclusive to Gaulish practices.

Local Paganism and Folk Magic
Essays: Wheel of the Year Series