Hearth Keeping

As a Hearth Keeper of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF), working with my home practices and honoring the spirits of the home and the ancestors are important.  Home practices and working with the folklore of your families heritage are key points in this.  My family has a strong connection with their Scandinavian heritage (older members of our family still spoke Norwegian on a regular basis when I was very young) as well as the heritage of our ancestors of central Europe, and much of the customs we inherited was viewed as “what our family does”. When I started my path with Druidism, I started to dig into the local stories and folklore of the Upper Midwest where I grew up as well as to dig deeper into the European roots of many of the customs I grew up with.  The articles below reflect the practices I have developed as an Indo-European Polytheist as well as tidbits of local folk practices that I grew up with that involve the home and family.

Articles and Writings
Household Rituals