Welcome to the Homepage of Nemeton Dumnonantu

Slaniâ! My name is Trebomâros Auigani and welcome to my blog/website!  I am a Gaulish Polytheist and a Hearthkeeper of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). This website and blog is based on the work I have done regarding my spiritual practices over the last 20 years. Much of the work that I do revolves around the home hearth, as well as working with people in my local region. I am not a master in spiritual practices, nor am I druid, but I am one voice among the many that are out there regarding ADF and in part, the Gaulish Polytheistic community.

The name of the website, Nemeton Dumnonantu, is Gaulish for “temple of the deep valley”.  This name is reflective of where I live along the Mississippi River and much of the spirit-work that I do is connected to this region.  At our home hearth, we honor Cernunnos/Carnonos, Brigid/Brigandu, Lugus, the Dêwâs Matres, and others including Old Man Mississippi (Abonâtîr) and various land spirits found throughout the region.

What I am planning on doing as I grow this website is to share much of the academic work that I do through Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF), whose study programs are spot on for cultivating your personal practices as a polytheist,  My involvement with the Hearthkeeper Way (HKW), the new home practice outline that ADF developed to cultivate and grow our home practices that is in line with the other work that we do, personal projects that I am working on which revolve around getting the family involved with home activites, and personal insight in my spirit-craft as well as the tools I use in my craft.

So, I hope you enjoy my work.  Feel free to ask any questions as the work comes out, and above all things, may you pray with a good fire.

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